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Latest rear door wraps for Van AD Man



How often do you find yourself stuck in traffic, especially on the motorway and realise you’ve been behind the same van for the past 15 miles or so…We’ve been there, and couldn’t help thinking, why isn’t there anything interesting on the back of this van (other than clean me)? We put our heads together, and that’s when Van Ad Man was born.

We work with creative specialists all over the UK and Northern Ireland to bring you the latest in vinyl technology. They’re ready to help you with your designs, whether you know what you want or need a little guidance. They can make it happen!

Pricing starts at £32 per week depending on how many vans you have. If you go to a 12 month contract you also receive 10% more discount!

Our drivers will receive up to £35 a week simply be advertising on the back of their van. All adverts are carefully processed to ensure there are no conflicts of interest in both parties. They even get a space for their own details!


Van AD Man requested here at CJ Signs that we wrapped the rear doors of this fleet of Ford vans using Metamark MDC Wrap. Check out the final results!

Latest rear door wraps for Van AD Man Latest rear door wraps for Van AD Man Latest rear door wraps for Van AD Man


"CJ Signs have once again done an awesome job with the full rear vinyl wraps!"

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