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Bodyfence Paint Protection Film for BMW M2 Competition


When your new car is your pride and joy you want to ensure you maintain its pristine, shiny appearance and also its resale value. Like with many things, prevention is the best cure when it comes to retaining your car’s new-like condition. Paint protection film (PPF) helps protect your car’s exterior so that you don’t have to frequently spend money on damage repairs.

Paint protection film is a means of safeguarding your paint from scratches, stone chips, abrasion and UV rays with an invisible layer of plastic. The idea is that you keep your car looking its best by investing in a product that forms a barrier over your car's paintwork - protecting its looks and its residual value in the process.

Protecting a BMW M2 Competition

Our client had just purchased a BMW M2 Competition and wanted to ensure it would look its best for as long as possible. He had heard about the benefits of paint protection film and, as we are approved Bodyfence installers, contacted our team to ensure the best possible finish.

As part of the job, we carried out a full paint protection film front end package including wrapping the front bumper, bonnet, front wings and wing mirrors in Hexis Bodyfence. 

The client also asked us to add tint/protection vinyl to the headlights and rear lights and to wrap the roof with a carbon fibre vinyl roof wrap.

Photos of the job

This fantastic car is now protected and ready to be enjoyed. 

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